Updated on January 2019


Mars – Amenities Centre

Location: 57 Holland Drive, Bolton

Taco Bell

Location: 2480 Homer Watson Blvd. Kitchener

Plaza Premium Lounge

Location: Terminal 3 Pearson Airport, YYZ


Location: 2525 St. Clair Avenue, Toronto

Boston Pizza

Location: 2939 Petawawa Blvd. Petawawa

Dixon Hall Youth Center

Location: 51 Wyatt Ave, Toronto


Location: Terminal 1 Pearson Airport, YYZ

Debco Bag Distributer

Location: 10 Ronrose Dr. Concord


Location: 439 University Avenue, Toronto


Location: 45 Sportsworld Drive, Kitchener


Cambria Design Build , a commercial contractor and has a multitude of projects under construction at any one time. They include quick service restaurants, full service restaurants, large scale industrial and commercial projects and retailers. Several projects are extremely complex whether the build is taking place at Pearson International Airport, or in Downtown Toronto. Urban area constraints not only include working in highly congested areas, but also working within the stringent guidelines set forth by major landlords.

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